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Hearing HealthCare Centers organizes Special Hearing Events featuring the LATEST in Hearing Technology where a select group of candidates participate in Hearing Aid Trials.


These events are mostly 3 or 4 day events and showcase various hearing aid manufacturers’ latest hearing aid technology.

Recently we had a 3 day event that introduced Audibel’s latest 100% Digital Hearing Aids. Most times, latest technology advancements in hearing aids lead to hearing aids with better clarity, more comfort, and longer battery life.


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Hearing Aid Trial Event Details:

  1. Your participation in the trials will include a FREE hearing screening at one of our Hearing HealthCare Centers of Colorado locations. The hearing screening helps determine if you are a match for the product trial.
  2. You will be able to try the hearing device for a two-week trial period and will need to report your experiences and results to us.
  3. The Free Hearing Aid Trial is Open to All. It does not matter if you already use hearing aids OR if are just starting to have difficulty hearing


Test Drive Hearing Aids AND get a Discount!

These Hearing Aid Trial Events are a great opportunity for those who may not know the recent technological advances in hearing aids and how they can greatly improve your quality of life through better hearing.

After participating in such trials, participants can purchase the advanced hearing aids at reduced prices.


Call Us today to find out when our next RISK-FREE Trial Hearing Event will be conducted.

  • FREE Hearing Screening and Consultation

  • FREE Hearing Aid Technology Demonstration for qualified candidates

  • 21 Day RISK FREE Trial*

  • FREE $25 Gift Certificate as an Thank You for your Contribution to Better Hearing for ALL!