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Our Longmont CO Staff

Dr Whitney Swander - Hearing HealthCare Centers Colorado

Whitney Swander

AU.D., CCC-A, F-AAA, Owner

Jill True

BC-HIS (Hearing Instrument Specialist)

Adam Dobkin - Hearing HealthCare Centers Colorado

Adam Dobkin

Doctoral Resident

Therese Montecalvo - Patient Care Coordinator Hearing HealthCare Centers Colorado

Therese Montecalvo

Director of Operations


“The hearing aids I now have had ceased to operate to my satisfaction. My ability to function was impaired in personal situations and created some difficulties. I am glad I followed your advice to see the ear specialist who diagnosed an eczema type condition that we can manage now. It was your willingness to give time and attention to tuning and cleaning the hearing aids and finding the new technology that has helped me so much. I use the term miraculous in how the change has affected my life, and you are the reason I can now function more normally. I thank you for your caring attitude and knowledge for my improvement. I am certain many more patients will get the great benefits of your care. If you feel it appropriate to show this note to others, please do so with my sincere thanks.”

- Richard