Invisibel SynergyInvisibel SynergyAudibel powered by Starkey Hearing Technologies


Invisible Hearing Aids


  • Custom-made for you
  • For mild to moderately severe hearing loss
  • Completely invisible in most ears


Features and Benefits of Invisible Hearing Aids:


Invisibel Synergy are our most-advanced invisible hearing aids on the market. Custom fit to your exact needs and unique ear canal shape, they rest comfortably deep in your ear, so only you know they’re there. And though tiny, Invisibel Synergy come loaded with all of our leading technology. They’re the first and most popular custom-fit Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids ever made.


Financing Options:


CareCredit® offers a range of affordable plans for hearing aids and hearing loss treatment costs. Contact your hearing professional or visit the CareCredit website for more information.



While many insurance plans don’t provide coverage for hearing aids, contact our office for local advice on discounts and other programs to take advantage of.


FREE GUIDE: 8 Mistakes to Avoid While Shopping for Hearing Aids.

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