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Kathi Kittridge

Patient Care Coordinator

Kathi is the first smiling face you will see as you enter our Colorado Springs office of Hearing HealthCare Centers. After originally starting out as one of Dr. Durbin’s patients in 2013, Kathi became the Patient Care Coordinator for the office in 2014.  She not only helps with phone calls, scheduling appointments and other tasks around the office but she is also able to help with some problems that may arise related to hearing aids as she wears two herself!

Kathi is originally from Maine and moved to Colorado in 1992 with her husband and three children to be closer to family.  She spent 30 years working in manufacturing before changing careers in 2001 and becoming a receptionist for a local physician’s office. Kathi has always enjoyed helping others and knew this would be a perfect fit for her. She has been in the medical field ever since!

In her spare time, you can find Kathi spending time with her grandchildren, playing with and walking her two dogs, or designing and remodeling rooms in her home.


Kathi Kittridge - Patient Care Coordinator at Hearing HealthCare Centers Colorado

“I am amazed at how well I can hear! I no longer have to ask people, “What did you say?


– Nadia

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