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Kellie Mendelow

Patient Care Coordinator

Kellie Mendelow joined Hearing HealthCare Centers in 2016 and is excited to be the new Patient Care Coordinator for the Boulder office. She enjoys meeting and getting to know all the wonderful patients she gets to see every day.

Kellie has been a Boulder resident since 1992 and loves everything Boulder.  She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BS in Biology, and holds an associates degree in Business Administration from Lincoln School of Commerce.  She has worked in various scientific and management settings and has many years experience in all levels of management and business.

When not working Kellie enjoys spending time with her kids, hiking, mountain biking, camping, enjoying all things Boulder, or escaping to the ocean where she and her three kids love to scuba dive.




Kellie Mendelow - Patient Care Coordinator Hearing HealthCare Centers Colorado

Hearing HealthCare Centers has helped considerably by providing quality hearing aids to let me hear again! Soooo much normal and better now. Thanks Whitney and all your wonderful employees. You’re the best! No one is ever in a rush and everyone is extremely helpful and friendly!”


– Glen

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