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Dr Whitney Swander

AU.D., CCC-A, F-AAA, Owner

Dr. Whitney Swander attended the University of Northern Colorado. She earned her Bachelor’s degrees in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology in 1998. Whitney went on to earn her Master’s degree in Audiology in 2000. Read More…

Dr Annie Swanberg

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Annie Swanberg joined the Hearing HealthCare Centers team in 2016, after earning her doctorate in audiology from the University of Colorado. She did her fourth-year externship at Denver Health, which… Read More…

Dr Ashlee Rothstein


Dr. Ashlee Rothstein joined the Hearing Healthcare Centers staff in spring 2017. A born and raised Utah girl, she received her undergraduate degrees from Utah State University… Read More…

Dr Chris Molek


Dr. Molek is a Board-Certified Doctor of Audiology, originally from Chicago, Illinois. Early on, she knew that she would be working with ears and hearing, coming from a family of singers and… Read More…

Dr Kimberly Hart


Dr. Kimberly Hart joined our team in 2017. Although she is new to our team she is not new to audiology. She is a Colorado native and worked in a variety of settings. She has worked in.. Read More…

Jill True

BC-HIS (Hearing Instrument Specialist)

Jill joined the Hearing HealthCare Centers staff in 2012, and brought with her a long history of experience in the healthcare field, from being a medical assistant to doing medical transcription. Read More…

Kate Wipfler

Audiology Assistant

Kate joined Hearing Healthcare Centers in 2017 as an audiology assistant. Born in Illinois, Kate graduated from Regis University in 2016 with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in… Read More…

Erin Simon

Audiology Assistant

Erin joined the Hearing Healthcare Centers staff in May of 2017, shortly after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Audiology and Speech Language Sciences from the University of Northern Colorado… Read More…

Cheryl Barber

Insurance Specialist

Cheryl Barber joined Hearing HealthCare Centers staff as the Credentialing and Insurance Specialist in April of 2017. She currently holds two Associates degree and is finishing her… Read More…

The hearing aids I now have had ceased to operate to my satisfaction. My ability to function was impaired in personal situations and created some difficulties. I am glad I followed your advice to see the ear specialist who diagnosed an eczema type condition that we can manage now. It was your willingness to give time and attention to tuning and cleaning the hearing aids and finding the new technology that has helped me so much. I use the term miraculous in how the change has affected my life, and you are the reason I can now function more normally. I thank you for your caring attitude and knowledge for my improvement. I am certain many more patients will get the great benefits of your care. If you feel it appropriate to show this note to others, please do so with my sincere thanks. - Richard

“I am amazed at how well I can hear! I no longer have to ask people, “What did you say?“”

– Nadia

“The staff at Hearing HealthCare Centers are always helpful with my hearing problem.”

– Jim

“I would definitely recommend you to others – your staff is very efficient and friendly and helpful!”

– Betty

My life has been improved by being returned to the world of hearing. I would recommend you to friend or family. Personal care and time spent with me by pleasant staff.”

– Huntley

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