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Therese Montecalvo

Director of Operations

Therese Montecalvo joined the Hearing Healthcare Centers staff as a Patient Care Coordinator in 2015 from Ohio where she worked as a human resource and payroll specialist. She graduated from Ohio University with a B.S in Communication Studies and a minor in Marketing / Management.

In her spare time, Therese enjoys hiking 14ers, trail running, and spending time with her friends and family. She loves all that Colorado has to offer and its many outdoor activities.


Therese Montecalvo - Patient Care Coordinator at Hearing HealthCare Centers Colorado

“I am amazed at how well I can hear! I no longer have to ask people, “What did you say?“”


– Nadia

“The staff at Hearing HealthCare Centers are always helpful with my hearing problem.”


– Jim

“I would definitely recommend you to others – your staff is very efficient and friendly and helpful!”


– Betty

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